Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Master bedroom doors in, water tank pump in, and concrete stairs to launfry/garage in

You can also see the cabling for the A/C at the rear.

Bath/shower sealing and the water tank installed!

Shower niche has gone in as well!

Issues in the prior post have been corrected

Here you can see the new 40mm stone tops to the vanity units as well as the laundry and completed tiling there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

EB screws up..

So.. the stone benches on the vanity units in the bathrooms/powder rooms are supposed to be 40mm.. they had put in 20mm units.. they offered to give me $350 for the trouble to leave them as is.. I told them I want want is in the contract.. so they're replacing them this week hopefully..

The niches in the showers are non existent.. so that needs to be done as well.. I'm glad that I have been keeping an eye on all this.. the EB supervisor needs a supervisor.....

As a result of the above, the tiler hasn't been on site all week.. I guesstimate this has caused a two week delay at minimum, possibly three.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garage door motor in.. Energy Australia meter in..

Bumped into the tilers today.. and they are starting work today.. :)

The caesar stone tops have been installed in the bathrooms, and kitchen.. looks very very nice. The kitchen under mount sink as well as the under mount sinks in the bathrooms have all been installed as well. The gas meter has been installed as well. No gas has been hooked up yet though.

Stone tops for bathrooms and kitchen going in...

Bedding for tiles in the wet areas has been laid as well. Electrician has started work and the garage door is in. A decent clean up outside and around the site has been made as well.
Gas has been installed as well. Really progressing rapidly, I am going to take stab and say all work will be done within 4-5 weeks.